May 7, 2020

Golden Light

Hello everyone! I'm coming out of a bleak winter here in the Northwest and hoping we are headed for some warmer weather. I was inspired to create this Golden Light filter. I hope you like it!

So starting off, the first thing I did was go to adjustments. From there I selected Color overlay and added the color overlay R4 and set it to the Multiply blending mode with 100% Opacity. The reason I chose R4 for this is because of the soft golden color that it has. I also really like Multiply as a blending mode is because it gives the photos a golden tint almost over the top like a glaze.
Next I went to the Temperature tool in Adjustments and put it at 100. Increasing this will add a lot more warmth to the filter. I repeated this step an extra time to get more warmth. This is definitely optional, depending on how warm you would like your filter. So Temperature at 100 two times.
Following that, I went into the main filter section and chose the Fable filter at 100 percent. Fable is great for this since it adds a really nice boost of brightness and mutes the greens a little.
Next I went into the curves layer to add some more dimension. My curves layer looks like this. I placed the bottom of the curve down a bit and the top part up a tiny bit but not too much. You can check out our curves tutorial for how this works!

And that's it! I like to save these as fusion filters so I can use them on whatever opacity I like, depending on the photo.


If you feel like being extra I like to layer the Tide filter at about 50% opacity over the top of this. But feel free to experiment and see what filters you like to layer with this one.
If you're going for a film look it's also fun to add some Grain or some Dust texture. I promise that's really it this time! Have fun playing around and adding some golden sunlight to your photos. I feel like this process works best on photos where the sun might already be out just to add that extra warmth. I have posted some photos below that I have edited with this process.

Thanks for following along!