May 7, 2020

New Filter: Portra

With Afterlight version 2.5, we gave Members a new type of filter called a Film Preset. Each of these filters will be based on a certain type of film, and include randomized effects we created by shooting with said film.

You'll find Portra conveniently placed as the first filter when you access the filters section, simply tap it to get a randomized effect. Don't like what you got? Tap the filter again (no need to cancel) to randomize it!
Portra has a large list of custom light leaks made exclusively for the filter, and made with Portra film itself. Keep tapping the filter icon to randomize the applied texture, and the amount of Glow, Grain, and a couple secret adjustments. ;)
The effects range from drastic to subtle, with the chance for a leak to not be applied if that works best for your photo.
Start your Afterlight Membership free trial today to give it a try!