May 7, 2020

Selective Hue

The Selective Tools give you a wide range of color modifying options to liven up your photos. Here's a guide on how Selective Hue can add some whimsical coloring to the foliage of your photos without a filter!

This photo is great on its own, but for sake of experimentation, let's break it a little. The obvious change here would be modifying the greens in the foliage, so let's grab both green and yellow and push them up until we get a nice purple, balancing both colors together to get a consistent color across the leaves. The reds and oranges were moved up to 100% to counter balance with the changes in the yellows and greens, cleaning up the edges of the leaves that are changing color.
Now that we have a clean look with this, we can experiment to get different variations of dreamy colors. The muted colors here work really well for Selective Hue so the end result isn't overwhelmingly vibrant.
Changes can range from subtle to extreme with a few sliders, we recommend just playing around with it until you're happy with the result! Just make sure to remember that Hue can be very sensitive, and this will work best on photos with strong solid colors, pre-filter. 
Selective Hue can of course be used for more than greenery! Just don't forget to experiment by combining similar colors if you're having any issues getting the color to blend nicely.
Try these effects yourself with this original photo!